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Michigan Medicaid Applications: What You Need To Know About Medicaid Benefits In The Nursing Home

 Long term care programs in Michigan - Nursing Home Medicaid 

Medicaid is a federally funded healthcare program that helps those who can't afford to pay the high costs of healthcare with financial assistance. Medicaid helps provide medical services at home or hospital for acute medical needs and rehabilitation. There is a wide variety of community-based activities, including adult daycare services and help with transportation.

But it is very important for you to understand: the availability of Medicaid coverage in the home for long term care services in Michigan is extremely limited.

Although we know that most people prefer to live independently, if someone's health requires long-term care services (for example, help dressing, bathing, eating, using the bathroom, remembering to take medications, etc.) Medicaid supportive services in the home are rarely enough.

Unfortunately, it is also true of assisted living and adult day care and foster care services.

This is when...

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Understanding the Difference Between Medicare and Medicaid Coverage for Long-Term Care in Michigan

Why is it important to know the difference between Medicare and Medicaid?

This article discusses the difference between Medicare vs Medicaid medical insurance in long-term custodial care, also known as nursing home care, in Michigan. It is important to understand these distinctions as they can significantly impact an individual's ability to access the health coverage needed for necessary medical treatments. Medicare health insurance only covers up to 100 days in a skilled nursing facility.  Most people will need the assistance that Medicaid coverage provides.

This article is not intended to provide legal advice.  It is for general informational purposes only.


    • Long-term care prices in Michigan are increasing more than the national trend, which means that someone just using Medicare might not be able to afford the treatments they need while in the facility. 

    • Medicare part A only covers up to 100 days in a skilled nursing facility, and any services provided...

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Avoid Nursing Home Poverty And Spend Down - Jane's Story

Avoid Nursing Home Poverty & Spend Down - Jane's Story

The story below has been changed in order to protect the client's confidentiality, while retaining the truth of the details.  While the Family & Aging Law Center cannot guarantee results, we can say that the results below are typical for our office. 

Video Transcript:

Hi everybody, Attorney Nicole Wipp here with the Family & Aging Law Center.

So, today, I'd love to share with you a story about our client, Jane (*not her real name!). Jane, like so many of our clients, needed nursing home level care. Yet, her family was so scared - because they did not know what to do, just like so many people don't know what to do. They had been being told, "you HAVE to do a spend down, you have to spend down her money to $2,000 before she can receive benefits for care...she can't have two houses (which is what she had). She can only have one house! You've gotta sell one!" All of these things were being told to the...

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What Are the Rules for Medicaid Qualification (Part 7)? - Spousal Protections

For the final topic in our series on Medicaid qualification rules, we'll be looking at important information in regard to spousal protections. As with part six of our series, your Medicaid planning advisor can best help you determine how the rules apply to your specific circumstances in your specific locality. Before you get into the specifics, however, it’s always a good idea to familiarize yourself with the general federal guidelines for Medicaid qualification that apply everywhere. To start at the beginning of our series, click here

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Spousal Protections

The spouses of nursing home residents are provided certain protections under Medicaid law. Here is a brief overview:

  • Snapshot of Couple’s Assets – With married applicants, Medicaid takes a “snapshot” of the couple’s assets when the ill spouse enters a hospital or long term care facility for at least a 30-day stay.
  • Community Spouse Resource...
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Discharged From Rehab: Is Your Loved One Really Ready?

One of the things that we hear (a lot) from clients is how panicked they are when a loved one that has been in rehab is being suddenly discharged - but the family doesn't think they're really ready to go home - or, even worse, the family is told that their loved one is being discharged but needs 24/7 care or supervision.

Very few families are ready for this. The logistics of getting care for a person in a home environment may seem easy (just hire someone!), but most families, when faced with the cost, realize that this is not a long-term solution. That's when the questions start:nursing home medicaid

  • Should you quit your job, to care for your loved one?
  • Should you hire someone anyway, even if you (or they) can't afford it long-term?
  • What benefits might be available to pay for care?
  • How long will it take for benefits to kick in?
  • What happens if benefits aren't enough - or if there are no benefits available?

Timing: Seeking Answers Before Your Loved One Is Discharged From Rehab Is Crucial

It is...

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