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What Are the Rules for Medicaid Qualification (Part 4)? - Allowable Income

As part 3 of our series, your Medicaid planning advisor can best help you determine how the rules apply to your specific circumstances in your specific locality. Before you get into the specifics, however, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the general federal guidelines for Medicaid qualification that apply everywhere.

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Allowable Income

How much income are you allowed under Medicaid law?

There are different answers for the “community spouse” and the individual who resides in a nursing home.

  • Nursing home residents can only keep $60 a month as a personal needs allowance – the rest of their income must go to help cover the cost of their care.
  • If the resident is married, the community spouse can keep between $2.288/.75 - $3,435.00 a month (in 2022), including income from the nursing home spouse.
  • Many states permit the community spouse to retain all of their individual income without limit. In other states, the community...
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