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The Truth About Accessing Benefits to Help Pay for Care at Home PDF

When it comes to paying for care at home, in assisted or independent living, or at the nursing home, the real problem is simple: you are not being told the truth about how to access benefits to pay for that care.


5 Things Every Adult Child of Aging Parents Needs to Know PDF

As our population ages, there’s no question: adult children are increasingly needed to assist parents in times of medical crisis or just simply during the normal aging process. Whether you are a parent reading this, or a child of an aging parent, here are FIVE things that every adult child of an aging parent needs to know – RIGHT NOW


Did You Know? - Beneficiary Designations PDF 

Many people consider using beneficiary designations on assets such as IRAs, 401ks, investments, life insurance, annuities, mutual funds and other investments, etc. to be “estate planning.” However, as an elder law attorney (that does estate planning) I consider the use of beneficiary designations – for the most part -- just plain foolish.


What You Need to Know About Guardianships PDF

 When a person has a loved one in rehabilitation or in long term care, understanding how guardianships and powers of attorney really work is essential – even if the loved one is competent to make their own decisions.


Using your IRA & Trusts as a Wealth Building PDF

 IRAs and other tax-deferred assets (401k, 403b, etc.) are a greater wealth building opportunity than most people realize. However, to properly capitalize on this opportunity and reduce the risk(s) for your beneficiaries, a properly written trust may be necessary to achieve your goals.


When a Gift Becomes a Penalty PDF

Discover why giving gifts or money or things can be the worst financial decision you ever make in this FREE PDF.


What You Need to Know About Medicaid Planning PDF

Though there are many complexities to Medicaid planning, it’s important to understand Medicaid is there to help families like yours. Medicaid planning is the best way to ensure you receive the benefits to assure you protect as much of your hard-earned assets as the law allows, and to receive the care you need.


What You Need to Know Long-Term Care Planning PDF

Without proper planning, the lack of available services and the staggering price tag may leave you with few alternatives.



 What You Need to Know About Estate Planning PDF 

The first step in estate planning is education. One of the biggest challenges I face as an attorney is making people understand that things they “think they know” aren’t necessarily true. When it comes to estate planning – What you don’t know can hurt you. 


Wills & Trusts: What You Think You Know PDF 

 As a family estate planning attorney, clients often come to me with ideas about wills & trusts that they learned from friends, neighbors, and the internet. I’ve come to realize that a lot of people think they know about wills & trusts - but they don’t. Unfortunately, most people don’t ever find out they don’t know, because by the time it comes to light, it’s simply too late.


Elder Law Or Estate Planning PDF

Understanding the difference between “estate planning” and “elder law” is essential for everyone. Elder law attorneys provide tools and strategies that most estate planning attorneys simply don’t. What makes sense in an estate planning sense may prove financially catastrophic when viewed from an elder law standpoint.


6 Common Mistakes:

Parents PDF

If you are one of the 31% of parents who has named guardians for your kids, you've probably made one of these 6 common mistakes.


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