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Veterans Improved Pension for Long Term Care - Benefit Information

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Traditional Estate Planning

Wills and Trusts, Health and Financial Powers of Attorney. Our estate planning is customized to your needs - not too little, not too much.

Asset Protection

We help you protect your money and your home from nursing home poverty, lawsuits, estate recovery, business protection and more. Protection is essential, if you don't want to outlive your money!

Crisis Medical & Nursing Home

When your loved one needs nursing home care, don't go it alone. We can help you get valuable benefits (even if you think you have too much money). We CAN help!

Your Questions, Answered

Our office's expertise is invaluable to families feeling confused about all the information out there. Don't us! Believe it or or not, we often save families way more than we cost.

Watch & Listen

Watch and listen to our lead attorney, Nicole Wipp, as she explains many of the issues facing families today. From understanding how basic wills work, to more complex topics like nursing home Medicaid, Nicole has you covered!

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