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We help people like you make sure that 


You don't lose a lifetime of savingsYou make it easy on the people you loveYou stay in control of your futureYou avoid probateYou don't leave a mess behind

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Family & Aging Law Center

We help people like you make sure that:

You don't lose a lifetime of savings You make it easy on the people you love You stay in control of your future You avoid probate You don't leave a mess behind

“In the months and years leading up to making my decision to move forward on establishing my will & trust recently, I often worried about what would become of my property and assets. I wanted to be sure that my family and loved ones would end up with what I wanted them to have in the event of my passing. 

Nicole and her very capable and knowledgeable staff took away that worry and gave me complete confidence and peace of mind; knowing that I had established a working plan to distribute my assets to those who could benefit from them the most.”

Dennis Barbre - Highland


Do you need a will, a trust, or neither?

When planning for the future, most focus on financial planning. 

The biggest avoidable mistake, however, is just planning for when you die (estate planning).

Why?  Death planning alone can mean that you lose out on the opportunity to secure your financial future using the legal tools available to you - things that go far beyond mere financial planning. 

This involves considerations for what happens if you live and need care - the greatest threat to most Americans' lifetime financial security.

So do you need a will, a trust, or neither? What is the best, most cost-effective way to protect yourself and those you love?

The best way to find out the answers to these questions, and more. is to talk to us

We can help!

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We can help you with: 

As life changes, the type of planning you need does too. 


We're here to give you and those you love peace of mind that everything is taken care of, and no mess left behind.


We Aren't Your Typical Law Firm

If you're the kind of person that doesn't want to call a lawyer's office - put your hesitations aside.  At the Family & Aging Law Center, you will be welcomed by friendly faces and warm hearts.

The truth is, it is possible to have excellent legal services that are provided by caring people

We always are trying our best to put our clients at ease - and this is reflected in the #1 compliment we repeatedly receive: "I never thought this would be so easy!"

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Our Firm's Values

These are values that we, as a team, came up with and agree upon.  We try our best to live by these every day!

1. Expertise: We have the highest levels of knowledge and competence in the areas of elder law, probate and estate planning, evidenced by the consistently successful results we have achieved.

2. Team Work: We value team work because it enables us to deliver the highest levels of service, reliability and efficiency to our clients, We know that having a team enables clients to trust that we will deliver what we promised.

3. Support: We make a difference in our clients and their families' lives by being compassionate, knowledgeable and competent in times of stress. We know that dealing with legal matters is not fun for anyone, so we strive to be valuable partners to our clients by making things easier.

4. Results: We don't just say we do things, we actually do them and not only do them, do them with success. To us, results means that we achieve a successful outcome for our clients, every time.

5. Integrity: It is essential that our clients trust that we are partners that they can rely on, that we can be trusted with the most personal of information, and that we will not breach that trust. Therefore, the principle of integrity is a core value that we all adhere to every day.

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