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The Family & Aging Law Center is YOUR partner in success when it comes to Michigan Medicaid Applications. 

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Family & Aging Law Center:

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We Know (Like You Do) That Medicaid Applications Are Confusing and Stressful to Patient Residents and Their Loved Ones

When it comes to skilled care Medicaid applications, patient residents and their helpers are often confused about what they have to do and why they have to do it.

They need help, but your facility may not have the resources to "hold their hand" every step of the way - or the legal expertise to ensure the application is successful.

We Can Help

The Most Important Things You Need To Know About Us:

  • We have a 100% Success Rate Over Hundreds Of Medicaid Applications - even extremely complex applications. 
  • We have NEVER had to go to a Fair Hearing, because our process is meticulous.
  • We get consistent referrals from facilities that work with us because we do our applications correctly and quickly.
  • We can work with anyone in the entire state of Michigan.
The Bottom Line?

We know our stuff!

How We Help YOU:

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Identifying and Overcoming Obstacles


Spotting potential issues that would cause a denial or penalty, including problematic assets and gifting.


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Application Approval Strategy


Based on the client's unique issues, create a strategy designed to ensure approval.



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Medicaid Application Assistance & Submission 

We help clients ensure a complete and successful application and shepherd it through submission to approval.


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Patient Pay Counseling


Liaison between client and facility to ensure patient pay amounts are met, particularly during penalty periods.


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Ways We "Get It Done"

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Improved Cash Flow

We work expeditiously to complete the Medicaid application process to ensure timely payments to partner facilities.


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Capturing More Medicaid Months

Our process captures all possible reimbursable Medicaid months that could reduce partner debt and financial write-offs.

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Improve Administrative and Staff Efficiencies

We will reduce administrative hurdles and burden to allow partners to allocate staffing resources to other areas, including collecting commercial payments.

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Increased Facility Census

We provide our partners with a reliable program that can encourage providers, patients and their families to choose their facilities.

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Why Refer Cases To Us?



Our firm is experienced, dedicated, and, most importantly, successful.  

We get results.  Our clients are very satisfied with the services they have received, and our relationships with our strategic partners are second to none. 

  • Full Service Medicaid when the situation involves problematic or extensive assets, or when the person in charge is too overwhelmed or confused to do it by themself, we are here to ensure timely approval.  From completing the extensive process of gathering financial and other information necessary to the application, to filling it out, to handling caseworkers, to serving as a liaison between your facilities' billing department and the family...we do it allSuccessfully.
  • Guided Medicaid: when funds are limited, but the client or the family need more hand-holding, explanation, etc. our lower-cost "Guided Medicaid" program is the right step.  This program is designed to walk them through exactly what they need to do, without having to pay for full legal services.  It is the right step for most people that are at or near spend-down status!

Residents, loved ones and you can expect patience, understanding, and excellence when you work with us. 

We look forward to working with you.

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