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We could tell you about our education, record, and results...which are phenomenal.  

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The client testimonials below are real, actual client’s words and were used with permission.  While no lawyer can guarantee any result, it is important to many people to know the experience others have had in a law office.

The fact is, sometimes, it is hard to choose a lawyer, especially when you are like many of our clients – people that have no previous experience with law firms.  How do you really know you're working with top estate planning attorneys? How will you be treated?  Do they make things easy on you? What do our clients say?



“Recently my husband James and I attended an estate planning informational presentation by Nicole Wipp at Independence Village of White Lake. It was the most beneficial information that we have ever gotten from an attorney and believe me, we had been given very incorrect information regarding estate planning, Medicare and Medicaid.After that presentation we made an appointment to meet with Nicole at her office to discuss what our plans were and how she could help us. Needless to say it was a great experience, she really put our minds at ease. We now have peace of mind knowing our estate plan is tailored for our family.We would also like to thank Nicole’s staff for their professional help. They were very organized and always made us feel that they were there to help us. The estate planning binder we were given containing our finalized estate plan couldn’t be more professional, it is great!We will definitely highly recommend Family & Aging Law Center to family and friends.”

James & Anne C.

Waterford, MI


elder law attorney near me

 Barb M.

 Highland, MI




faalc michigan estate planning attorney


“My wife and I did our first Family Trust back in 2003. When she passed away in mid-July 2014, I knew it was time for an in-depth review of the Trust. I also knew of some changes I wanted to incorporate. I searched the Internet for elder law lawyers in the western suburbs. Out of nowhere I got my hands on an ad from the Family & Aging Law Center, Milford, MI with workshop dates. On September 15, my daughter (my right hand now) and I attended one in Livonia. Nicole Wipp convinced us that she was the attorney we needed, by far.In the next day or so, I made an appointment for a review of my Trust and several concerns I had for changes. We met in her main office in Milford, and within 1 ½ hours we covered everything in-depth including, updating my Powers of Attorney as necessary, and some property deed concerns I never gave a thought to. Within a week, Nicole and her excellent staff had the paper work done for signing.I strongly recommend the Family & Aging Law Center for all services relating to the concerns of us older folks and also Veterans as she is also certified by the VA. I have worked with lawyers all my life and I can assure you, Nicole is one of the most “user friendly lawyers,” I have ever known.”

Carl M.  – Livonia, MI 


”In the months and years leading up to making my decision to move forward on establishing my will & trust recently, I often worried about what would become of my property and assets. I wanted to be sure that my family and loved ones would end up with what I wanted them to have in the event of my passing. Nicole and her very capable and knowledgeable staff took away that worry and gave me complete confidence and peace of mind; knowing that I had established a working plan to distribute my assets
to those who could benefit from them the most.”
Dennis D. – Highland, MI
"I would like to thank Nicole Wipp for taking the stress off myself in getting my mother into a nursing home. Within days, my mother was in a home and getting the care that she needed. The next step was getting help from Medicaid and getting approved. That was taken care of, because that is what they do. The next thing was to get my estate in order. Again, I went to Family & Aging Law Center. Not knowing what to expect, Nicole showed me what was best for me and my family.
"For elder law and estate planning, I highly recommend Family & Aging Law Center. This is what they do, and they are very good at it.”

Ken S. – Milford, MI

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“I am composing this letter with a huge weight lifted off my mind and heart. I retained {Nicole} to represent me ... I was pleased to have met with Nicole and she set my mind at ease right from the start, with her laid back demeanor and personality.

Ms. Wipp discussed with me my options ...she was direct and very knowledgeable of Michigan family law. After meeting with Nicole, I knew she was the right person to fight for my daughter and myself.

Her diligence and attention to detail was impeccable. She took on my case like I was the only client she was working with...she overcame adversity.

She was very well prepared and captured the attention of all who was in the court room with her knowledge and professionalism. 

After two grueling days in court Ms. Wipp’s excellent litigation skills far overshadowed the opposition and the Judgment was ruled in our favor!

I was very happy to have Ms. Wipp on my side in the court room. I highly recommend her to represent anyone with a family law issue in the state of Michigan.”

Daniel C. 

South Lyon, Michigan

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More Testimonials from Clients

 Edie D. – Milford, Michigan

“I found my attorney, Nicole Wipp and her paralegal Sharon to be not only knowledgeable, but patient. As an elderly widow, I appreciate the time they spent listening to me and sometimes having to repeat and explain the same question over again!” 

Robin S. – Livonia, MI

“Nicole is helpful for those of us who are new and even those of us who are experienced in navigating estate planning. She helps you become assertive so you are better at decision making that will not tear down family relations, but make them stronger.”


James & Louise L. – Wixom, MI

“Nicole provided us with a good overview for someone who has not pre-planned for
the financial future.”


Kim R. – Auburn Hills, MI

“I would urge anyone to please speak to Nicole, she is very informative.”

Fung-Har L. – Novi, Michigan

"The staff at Family & aging Law Center is friendly, knowledgeable,and they explain things clearly.”


Bill & Retta T. – Livonia, MI

“Nicole is excellent. She provides complete coverage that could be very important to you!”





Christine D. – West Bloomfield, MI

“Family & Aging Law Center is a must for seniors!”


Linda M.

Why did you choose Family & Aging Law Center?
“My daughter suggested I should update my will and recommended you.”

What did you like most about working with Family & Aging Law Center?
“Everything went well and you all were very helpful.”




Frank Milo

What did you like most about working with Family & Aging Law Center?

David W - Commerce Township

Why did you choose Family & Aging Law Center?
“Saw an ad in the Spinal Column and we started thinking about doing this.
Did not want to spend the money.”

What did you like most about working with Family & Aging Law Center?
“Honest and up-front. No “BS”. Great, sincere people and really seemed to care.”

“Liked the approach by all the staff and felt completely comfortable
with Nicole from the onset!!”


F.H. - Redford

Why did you choose Family & Aging Law Center?
“I saw a commercial, looked up elder care lawyers, found Family & Aging Law Center. I wanted a trust to protect my assets. Nicole explained everything. She and Sharon were very helpful.”

What did you like most about working with Family & Aging Law Center? Did you expect the process to work as well as it did?
“Sharon took over from there. No, I didn't think it work as smooth as it did; 'Murphy's Law', you know.”
"Sharon saved me another $83.00 by warning me of a scam letter (record transfer services), before it even came. Yes, I received one. Thank you all!"

“I would certainly recommend. I live in Redford. It was well worth it. ”



Why did you choose Family & Aging Law Center to assist you?
"We were referred by Rich O'Brien. The only hesitation was not knowing what to expect, and what the proper timing should be."

 What did you like about working with Family & Aging Law Center?
"Everybody was great to work with! The process was actually easier than we expected. Your expertise was apparent, and your explanations were easy to comprehend."

" We are glad to know we can contact you for follow-up as situations change
and the need arises. We will refer others to you"