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"Abandoned" Seniors Nursing Home Project - The Results!

news nursing home Jan 09, 2018

150 gifts.  Dozens of donors.  7 facilities.  

One of the thing that happens as a result of being an elder law attorney is that I often see the "darker" side of being elderly in society today.

The truth is, our clients are often truly blessed people - because they have loved ones that care enough to come to us when things go wrong, and/or they take care of business so their kids don't have issues when bad things happen.


Yet, not everyone is in this position.  Many elderly people are alone, for many reasons - some within their control, but so often due to circumstances completely out of their control.  For these seniors, being "abandoned" in a nursing home is the writing on the wall.

I think we can all agree that that has to be one of the worst possible results we can imagine, at the end of life.

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I got the idea that we should make sure that every single senior in the...

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