"Abandoned" Seniors Nursing Home Project - The Results!

news nursing home Jan 09, 2018

150 gifts.  Dozens of donors.  7 facilities.  

One of the thing that happens as a result of being an elder law attorney is that I often see the "darker" side of being elderly in society today.

The truth is, our clients are often truly blessed people - because they have loved ones that care enough to come to us when things go wrong, and/or they take care of business so their kids don't have issues when bad things happen.


Yet, not everyone is in this position.  Many elderly people are alone, for many reasons - some within their control, but so often due to circumstances completely out of their control.  For these seniors, being "abandoned" in a nursing home is the writing on the wall.

I think we can all agree that that has to be one of the worst possible results we can imagine, at the end of life.

This Year, We Wanted To Brighten Up These Senior's Holiday Season 

I got the idea that we should make sure that every single senior in the facilities that we often work with should have a gift for the holidays - and that we would take on the responsibility to make sure that the seniors without families were given special care. 


But then I realized that even more importantly, people should realize that this is happening.

So, we put out a call for help and donations.  And boy, did we get it!

As you can see from the video above, the outpouring of generosity was INCREDIBLE!

I started off with a goal to serve at least 25 seniors.  We ended up being able to serve 150 - due to over 1k of donations in addition to our own contributions!  

Not only that, but we received hundreds of cards from school-aged children at the Hilton Elementary School in Brighton (these were so fantastic, kids are hilarious and so ... refreshing!) and these were widely distributed among all the residents.  Finally, many residents that requested a visitor were able to get family visits from our generous friends and benefactors...it was truly incredible.

Needless to say, what started out as a heartfelt giving from us rippled out into the community and the response was amazing.  I have to say that it felt like the real "reason for the season" to me ...and for that, I am truly humbled and grateful.

Thank you to all of our clients and friends that so generously contributed.  We are so very lucky to have such an amazing community!

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