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Planning for An Unexpected Illness or Healthcare Crisis

No one expects bad things to happen to them, or those they love. But real life tells us that bad things happen to good people, every day.

This episode is all about planning for an unexpected health crisis, illness, or accident – NO MATTER WHAT YOUR AGE!

In this episode, Nicole discusses the two absolutely essential legal documents every person 18 years and older needs, how people think (incorrectly) that they already have it taken care of, why your spouse may not be the best choice to manage things for you, why you may need to fire your doctor, and much more!

Nicole also talks about how she experienced her own healthcare crisis, which is why this was the first podcast episode to be aired after receiving a fatal diagnosis – unexpectedly.

Don’t let this happen to you, or to those you love!  Take the small amount of time and effort to be prepared.



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