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Estate Planning Checklist - Do You Need Estate Planning?

Here Are Eighteen Estate Planning Checklist Questions to Help You Learn Whether YOU Need Estate Planning

Many people have mistaken ideas about what estate planning is, or what it can do for you - and more importantly, for those you love. (These cover the most common concerns/concepts related to estate planning.)

  1. Do you have minor children or are you the legal guardian of a child under the age of 18?  Yes___ No__
  2. If your financial situation or finances become public knowledge, do you have concerns that predators might take advantage of loved ones in their time of grief or stress?  Yes____ No___
  3. If you got sick or injured, would you want to ensure that the person(s) that YOU say get to make your medical decisions if you can't do it for yourself? (And that a judge, or someone else, doesn't get to say who makes these decisions??)  Yes____ No___
  4. If you got sick or injured, would you want to ensure that the person(s) that YOU say get to make...
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An Inherited IRA Is NOT Protected From Creditors in Bankruptcy!

For several years, there has been a divide among the courts nationwide as to whether or not IRAs that were inherited are protected from creditors or bankruptcy.

 As of June 12, 2014, we definitively know the answer – and it isn’t an answer most of you will like.  The answer,  according to the U.S. Supreme Court in Clark v. Rameker is…NO, an inherited IRA is NOT protected from creditors  in bankruptcy.

 What are inherited IRAs?  Here, we are talking all tax-deferred assets that are transferred to another person after  death – except to a spouse.  When I say “all tax deferred assets,” I mean IRA, 401k, 403b, IRA annuities, etc.  A  spouse doesn’t fall under this category because a spouse the one person entitled to actually directly roll over the other  spouses IRA into their own (no, contrary to what you believe, your children are NOT allowed to do this!  Children must  set up...

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