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Estate planning and asset protection isn't just for wealthy people, and it isn't just for the elderly. Planning is for families.

It is also important to know that planning isn't just about death - at least not in our office.  Planning is about YOUR life, and it can make all the difference in the quality of life you may have in the future.

Attorney Nicole Wipp Specializes In Helping Families Achieve Goals

At the Family & Aging Law Center, we know that you've worked hard to save for your future. Whether it is a "lot" or "a little," it is important to you.

Your money is important because you need to know that you will have enough to last your entire life.  You need to know that unexpected medical issues won't wipe out a lifetime of savings. Even if you think you have all your bases covered, you may be surprised to find out that you and/or your spouse are completely at risk. 

That being said, we also know that money isn't everything. Protecting your loved ones from predators and creditors, ensuring your family is able to move on if something happens, providing care and instructions for your loved ones to assist them in transitioning, keeping harmony among family members, and lessening the burden for your loved ones are also important goals that a great estate planning attorney will address.

We have a unique education, counseling, and plan implementation process to help you understand the options available to you along with the pros, cons, and costs of each so you can confidently pick the options best suited to your goals, comfort level, and budget. It is our goal to ensure a tailored, specific plan that meets your needs.

Planning Tools For Everyone

Planning Areas

Conveniently Located In Southeast Michigan to Serve You

Or main office, in Milford, is conveniently located in Southeast Michigan, 3 miles off of I-96 exit 155 (Milford Road-behind Baker's Restaurant) and serves estate planning clients in multiple communities in Oakland, Livingston, Washtenaw, Wayne & Genesee Counties.

We also have satellite offices in Brighton, Livonia, and Novi.

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