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This services page about Nursing Home Medicaid by Michigan estate planning attorney Nicole Wipp and the Family & Aging Law Center is not legal advice. It is for informational purposes only. To create your end-of-life plan in Michigan, contact us today.

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Nursing Home Medicaid Planning: Services We Provide

Our experienced elder law attorney and Medicaid Planning Specialist will guide you every step of the way through our successful application process.

The items below are just SOME of the many services we provide to ensure you get the medical assistance you or your loved one needs from the Medicaid program.


  • Medicaid Application Guidance And Completion
  • Shepherding Your Medicaid Application To A YES
  • Medicaid Asset Protection Trust
  • Soley For The Benefit Of (SBO) Trust
  • Strategic Asset Restructuring
  • Helping You Comply With Medicaid Rules After The Application Is Completed
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Questions Answered...

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Our Critical Preservation(TM) Medicaid Planning Process:

Remember: if you hire our firm, we are on YOUR side. This process is designed to get you what you want: to protect as much money as we legally can, all while getting your loved one a YES to nursing home care benefits though Medicaid.

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First Step: The Discovery Meeting

The Discovery Meeting aims to determine the current situation affecting your spouse, family member, or loved one. During your one-hour meeting, Nicole will discuss your finances in detail to identify what course of action is needed so that she can provide you with the best possible recommendations to meet your needs. This meeting aims to educate you, outline a plan to assist your loved one, and relieve you of stress as quickly as possible.

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Next: You Decide and Hire

The hardest decision for most is simply committing to moving ahead. Some decide to move forward immediately, and others take time; the decision is 100% YOURS. However, keep in mind starting quickly will allow us to potentially save your loved one the most amount of money and meet deadlines that you may be facing. If you decide to move forward, we will provide you with a list of documents we need to move forward, the appropriate application engagement agreement, and collect the appropriate authorizations from you.

We strive to make your experience as stress-free as possible so you can have peace of mind!

Second Step: Analysis

During Analysis, our office will review all of the checklist documentation. This step is crucial to the application process. It is important to provide our office with complete and detailed financial information so that we can help you as best we can.

We will then advise you of any additional information we need and provide you with an Analysis Task List for completion.

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Third Step: Strategy

The Strategy stage is complete once you’ve provided our office with all required information, you’ve completed all of the Analysis Task List items, and our office sends you a confirmation letter indicating our final strategy determination.

The Strategy Confirmation will include our final instructions to you in preparation of submitting the application.

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Fourth Step: Implementation and Verification

At Implementation, our office will submit the application. We will sendconfirmation of the application submission date and our estimated expectations.

The Verification process is when we receive a formal request for additional information. You will need to provide us with any required additional information within 7 days.

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Our Nursing Home Medicaid Services


Why Do I Need a Medicaid Attorney for Nursing Home Costs?

Michigan, known for its great lakes and industrious spirit, harbors an often overlooked challenge for its aging population — the staggering cost of nursing home care. As individuals start to age, they're met with a harsh economic reality: that their life's savings, carefully nurtured over decades, might swiftly vanish into the coffers of long-term care facilities.

For seniors and their families, nursing home costs aren't just a threat; they're a cold financial front advancing upon their assets with an unpredictable timeline.

If you're in a crisis...

  • your loved one is in rehab and you're being told it's time for them to leave, but you know that taking them home is dangerous for them and impossible for you

  • the nursing home has told you it's time to contact an elder law attorney

  • you want them to stay in the facility but you don't know how you're going to pay for it

  • your loved one is home but the caregiver is burning out and can no longer handle the pressures of the care, or just cannot do it anymore

  • you have had to call an ambulance or take your loved one to the hospital more than twice in three months

    .....Medicaid planning is for you.

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