Winter Escape | Nicole’s Love of Hawaii

team Mar 02, 2018


I think we all can agree winter lingers a bit too long around here.  So, I was excited to chat with Nicole about her family’s recent island get-a-way. Until the day comes that I’m under the warm sun of Hawaii, I’m happy to hear about how special this place is and all that awaits us there.


Let’s get right to the good stuff, tell us about the FOOD!      

“One of the best parts of going there!”   “They offer such a variety of freshness you can’t get anywhere else. For example, a typical meal consists of the freshest seafood and tropical fruit. Like Hawaiian mango, which is one of the most delicious things I enjoyed while on the island, I couldn’t get enough of it.”  YUMMY!


What makes Kauai special to you?                                                                                                    

“So many reasons why Kauai is special to me and my family... Beside it being one of the most beautiful places in the world, we also have personal ties to Kauai. My husband was born and raised there, and Hawaii is where I went to law school. So, we have lots of family and friends we get to catch up with and because of that it has a natural feeling of home to us. Also, we got married in Kauai! “


 What was the highlight of the trip?       

“We stayed at the Waimea Plantation Cottages for the first time. What was enjoyable about it was the overall vibe and setting of the cottages; definitely what we call old Hawaii. They are so off the beaten path, which we love. Absolutely my favorite thing - after the food, of course. “   


 How do you find yourself balancing work while on vacation?                                              

“I don’t need to balance it because I have an amazing team who takes care of it for me.”


Did you do anything new this time?

“Yeah! Marek practices Jiu-Jitsu here in Michigan.  So, we had him take class at a training facility on Kauai with local kids and instructors.  WOW! What an awesome experience for him and us as a family. Besides the training he got (that was incredible), everyone was beyond welcoming. It was yet another way we felt integrated to the local community.  Bottom line, the entire experience felt so good and positive for all of us. The kindness every person showed towards us was heartwarming. “

Can you give us an insider tip for anyone who is thinking about going?

“I would say consider not staying in a hotel, try looking into alternative accommodations arrangements. Kauai Exclusive Management has EXCELLENT rentals outside of a traditional hotel. “

On a final note, what is something interesting about Hawaii that people might not know?                                                                             


 “The shared responsibility everyone has to their community is the most interesting thing I have learned in all my time there. It describes exactly what the true spirit of Hawaii is all about. Lots of people have heard the phrase “Ohana,” which we might simply think means family, but it’s so much more than that. Ohana is the deep-rooted tie you have to the community, including the land, as well as the people in it. What you also see is kids calling adults Auntie and Uncle – related or not. Again, just shows the personal ties they share with each other. That is a huge part of why I love this place, the overwhelming sense of ohana!”